Jill Flaherty executive portrait

Jill Flaherty

First Vice President, Business Development

As First Vice President, Business Development, Jill Flaherty leads COCC’s strategic product sales, marketing activities, and pricing-related initiatives. Jill has effectively managed and grown COCC’s marketing and branding efforts while increasing efficiencies and collaboration between COCC’s product managers, relationship managers, sales teams, and clients. Under Jill’s leadership, COCC has seen a doubling in strategic products sales, leading to one of the company’s strongest sales years to date.

Jill started at COCC in 2011 on the Business Development team. She later joined what today is known as the Digital Banking team, and in 2016, Jill began leading COCC’s Strategic Products team. Jill graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in 2011.